Channel Your Inner Astronaut with these Commercial Inflatables

Astronauts seem so at peace with themselves. Despite the bulky feel of their uniform they seem so light, happily bouncing as they make their way around the moon. It’s a profession we’ve all probably written in our journals when we were younger, but after realizing that there is so much mental work in order to become one, we set that dream aside to pursue something else. To lighten up the tone a bit here’s some good news: you can still relive that dream and channel your inner astronaut with the commercial bounce houses for sale from Bouncer Depot.

Make Parties Fun and Enjoyable

Bouncer Depot has been in the business for more than ten years. This California-based company produces inflatables of different shapes, sizes, and colors to make parties extra epic. Their obstacle courses, jumpers, and slides are all manufactured in the United States of America. Bouncer Depot used high-quality materials so you’re assured that your commercial inflates can stand the test of time. If you decide to buy bounce houses from them, you’re given a three-year warranty and that also includes their water slides.


Bouncer Depot is popular in Europe, United States, Latin America, and Canada because of the quirky designs and excellent quality of their inflatables. While it’s a known fact that these things aren’t cheap, you can be assured that you get value for your money. Add more spice to your parties by putting up giant inflatable water slides that both kids and adults can use. You can organize a mini sports fest by setting up an obstacle course to find out who the strong and competitive ones are. Jumpers are a great way to lose weight without exerting that much effort so you might want to set that up too.

Design Your Own Inflatable

You know what’s even more fun than having own an inflatable? Designing one! Get those creative juices out and ask Bouncer Depot to custom-build an inflatable slide for you. You have a say on how many slides you want, how long you want these slides to be, what the added features are, and the combination of colors. They also have castle bounce houses for the kings and queens at heart! There are different castle themes to choose from and yes, adults can use the bounce houses too! Feel free to experiment a bit and combine the bounce house and the slide to give your guests more activities. These inflatables are also easy to set-up and that’s another reason why a lot of people are buying them.

The inflatables also come with a 30-day return policy so if you encounter any issues with them, inform Bouncer Depot immediately. There are special discounts for wholesale buyers which mean excellent news for organizers of concerts, festivals, and other special events. These inflatables are guaranteed crowd pleasers because it brings you back to your childhood days when all you did was play around and have fun!

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